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Status, Fees, Phone, Email of Entries

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Status, Fees, Phone, Email of Entries

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o How many runs in each class, seperated by day? Trial Totals: Dogs / Classes / Dinners etc.
o Who is entered at what cost? (w/Drill Down) Participant Summary (Drill Down Details)
o Wait List Info, Is the Trial OVER full? Wait List Determination
o What handlers are tardy with their payment? UnPaid Participants
o Which Classes Have Been Approved for Each Person? Classes "Approved" for Each Person Entered
o What is the Running Order for this trial? Show Running Order
o Is the Running Order ready for all to see online? Publish Running Order(one time only)
o Are there scores that need to be posted? Update/Finalize Scores
o What Participants have withdrawn? Cancelled Entries
o Do you need to UPDATE Particpant Status? Approve, Waitlist, Cancel an Entry
o Who paid by check? Check Payments
o Do you need to PRINT Score Sheets? PRINT Score Sheets
o How many USBCHA Open and Nursery Runs for this trial? Show USBCHA required information
o Do Sponsors need to be Managed by Dog? Dog Sponsor Management
o Approve Dogs that made the Draw? Draw Dog Approval
o Assist with Entry? Assist a Participant with Entry

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Dawn Boyce, www.CollieGirl.com

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