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General Cancellation/Refund Policy

Always check with the Trial Event Host to understand their specific Cancelation Policy

Typically there will be NO REFUNDS after the events' "Closing Date". You will find the Closing date on the 'Event Information' Page after selecting the specific event.

o Refunds for an event may be applicable under the following circumstances.

1) When an entry is pulled out (withdrawn/cancelled) before the event closing date. If payment was via check, typically the check will destroyed. If paying by paypal, popmoney, etc. typically your entry fee will be refunded, but not fees from paypal, popmoney, etc., that you may have paid to them.

2) When an entry is pulled out (withdrawn/cancelled) AFTER the event closing date, but before the event start date, and if your entry slot(s) can be replaced from the wait list, you will typically be entitled to a refund which will be paid directly to you. However, fees from paypal, popmoney, etc., that you may have paid for those services, are not eligible for a refund.

Remember to check with the Trial Event Host to understand their specific Cancelation Policy

The Blue Menu Bar up top is "clickable". Use it to 'jump' directly to where you want to be.

If it is Orange, Blue or Red, & Underlined or a Button , it is probably "clickable". Use it to 'jump' directly to where you want to be.

The 1, 2, 3 of    DogTrialEntry 1. Create / Manage Your Account is where you set up an Account Profile for you and your dogs.
    o Now you can Enter Events Online, simply click Find the Trial and then click Enter Event.
2. Login to enter Online with your Account Profile name and password.
    o Login is NOT needed to see Times, Classes, Fees, Scores, Wait Lists, Judges, etc.
3. Find a Trial for the specific Event you would like to see or enter.
    o Click "Enter Event" and enter your dogs; No Typing!

Many features Do NOT Require Registration or Login o Find a Trial for any Event you would like review, no login needed
    Then, from the EVENT INFORMATION page, check out the Judge, verify the fees, see which classes are offered, get directions, and check out the Running Order, Wait List and Scores and USBCHA points.
o Guest Login a FAKE way to surf around without having an Account Profile and being logged in
    Simply use the Guest Login (from the Login page) and then you have the same access as a person that has already set up their Account Profile. You can use the site to FAKE enter a trial, or just to surf around. Don't worry, when using the Guest Login, everything is FAKED, you will not be charged for anything.

This site is so encompassing. How do I use all these pages? o HOME This is the first page you see
    The Home Page is the 'jumping off' point to all the other pages.
o Find a Trial This is a good place to begin.
    From the Event Select List, click the 'box' next to the Event you would like to see more about. If you decide after reviewing the Important Notes, Waivers, and the other details on the EVENT INFORMATION page that you would like to enter, click "Enter Event" and simply click the dogs and dates you would like to attend. The 'Entry Process' starts with Find a Trial and finishes with producing your filled out Entry Form, emailing you a copy, and letting the trial host know that you have entered..
o What Have I Entered? Check the Status of your Entries.(Login Required)
    Be sure to Find a Trial for the event you are checking on. You can verify the Event Name shown at the top of the EVENT ENTRIES page.

    Also see all your current and past runs from here by clicking Show All My Trial History
o Running Order - Scores - Wait List is for the Trial you are viewing.
    Be sure to Find a Trial for the Specific Event you want to see. You can verify the Event Name shown at the top of the page.
o Manage Your Account is your Account Profile or update your profile info
    This is the page used to set up or to change your Account Profile information. If your address, phone or email changes, this is the page you want. The name and other information here is how you will be listed at the Events that you enter.
    1. Click - Login from blue menu bar
    2. Click - Manage Your Account from blue menu bar
    3. Click - Update Your Account button toward the top of page
o Manage Your DOG(S) Add, (or change), your dogs at DogTrialEntry.com
    You can keep up to 16 dogs on this page and their birth dates. (Some Events give prizes for the oldest or youngest dog, etc. so it is to your advantage to keep birth dates on file.) Dogs kept on this page show up automatically for you so you can Enter them in an Event. Login needed.
o Trial Admin This Administration area is reserved for event Hosts.
    If your Event uses www.DogTrialEntry.com, you will have access to all of the features, facilities and accounting in the Administration area. In this area, Hosts can Generate the Order of Go, Produce Score Sheets, Approve Entries, see Totals by Class and Day, send Email reminders, produce USBCHA reports, and more Event accounting, budget management, etc..

    See Trial Host Services for more information pertaining to using www.DogTrialEntry.com to Administer your event.
o Services Provided See what www.DogTrialEntry.com can do for you!
    1. Fof Handlers
    2. For Trial Administrators
    3. Total Dog Trial Management Services
o HELP(FAQ) This is the HELP page that you are looking at now
    If you still have questions, write, call, or email us at Help@DogTrialEntry.com and let
    us know how we can help you with www.DogTrialEntry.com
o LOGIN Use your Account Name and Password to gain access to www.DogTrialEntry.com
    If you forget your password, click Password and it will be emailed to you. You can also click on Registered Handlers and it will fill in the Login page when you click your name.

Contact Information


Email us at Help@DogTrialEntry.com and let
us know how we can help you with www.DogTrialEntry.com


Telephone us at 706.335.6323 and let
us know how we can help you with www.DogTrialEntry.com

Snail Mail:

Mail to 540 Carson Farm Rd. Carnesville, GA 30521

Do you know someone that wants to enter but has no computer? No Problem.

o Enter their info for them and print the Entry Form, (receipt), for them. They can just sign and send it in. Their *Electronic* Postmark will be from when you entered the info for them. They have the normal time to send in their payment.

o Ask them to give us a call, we will be happy to help.

About us

Our mission is to be the most reliable, most convenient, and easiest to use, way for trial participants and trial hosts to deal with the paperwork issues of attending and presenting a dog related event. People can now enter events online, any where in the world with an internet connection. Trial hosts will be able to minimize the typical hassles of generating running orders, filling out score sheets, and even calculating USBCHA payment forms that are needed to process an event.. Our services are deployed and monitored utilizing the World Wide Web by experienced, qualified, subject matter experts. Our subject matter experts are available to ensure the effectiveness and quality of our deliverables. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of excellence across our full line of deliverables by interacting with, and listening to our customers and potential customers, and also through Participant Events, Inc. employee education.

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Enter a Trial/Event

How to ENTER Yourself and Your Dog(s) in a Trial (or Event), sign up for the Handler`s Dinner, etc.

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See Your Current Entries and Your Past Results (for up to 10 years!)

Event Host Services

Event Hosts will be able to auto-generate USBCHA compliant Running Orders, Score Sheets, other USBCHA reports, and much more Event accounting information.
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