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**Classes & Important Notes**
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Class Day / Start Time Fee Field & When Judge

Printing Tips
  • Find PRINT PREVIEW on your Web Browser Menu,
    Then you can RE-SIZE and Print Individual pieces as a page.
    • Using PRINT PREVIEW, size the page, (usually 90% to 100% is good), then.
      • Take note of the page numbers, (in PRINT PREVIEW), you wish to print, and select only those pages for printing.
General Help Tips
  • PINK columns do not show up to SORT?
    • Click your browser REFRESH button and PINK columns should show.
  • To find a Handler, a Dog, or a Score very quickly.
    • Click any PINK column header to re-sort that List.
  • To find a specific class / day to view or print.
    • Click the [  Blue Class Name  ] in the Directory below.
  • To Print (or Save) an individual class.
    • Once you have the PDF, you can print it, save it to your pc, or even email it.
    • If you are asked to install Acrobat Reader, follow the prompts. It is free and legitimate.
  • To Save (copy/paste) to EXCEL or spreadsheet.
    • Highlight with the mouse the runs to copy, not the logo, etc.
    • Right Click the mouse and select COPY.
    • Click the cell in you spreadsheet where you want the paste to begin
    • Right Click the mouse and select PASTE SPECIAL, then UNICODE TEXT.
  • To return to the Top of the Page.
    • Click Top Of Page
  • Definitions:
    • SCR[Scratched], RT[Retired], DQ[Disqualified], NC[Non-Compete]
    • The has ## runs shown does not include Scratches
    • RO of 777 means that the run was added to the class but the RO # has not yet been assigned

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Appr-List / Running Order / Scores / Leader Board

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Dawn Boyce finishing the Int`l Shed
at the Bluegrass

Photo by Barry Zimmerman

Lazy~J Double Lift Sheep Set Out Team

It is agreed, Anita, Maggie, and Abby, are the best

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