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General Cancellation/Refund Policy

Always check with the Trial Event Host to understand their specific Cancellation Policy

Typically there will be NO REFUNDS after the events' "Closing Date". You will find the Closing date on the 'Event Information' Page after selecting the specific event.

o Refunds for an event may be applicable under the following circumstances.

1) When an entry is pulled out (withdrawn/cancelled) before the event closing date. If payment was via check, typically the check will destroyed. If paying by paypal, popmoney, etc. typically your entry fee will be refunded, but not fees from paypal, popmoney, etc., that you may have paid to them.

2) When an entry is pulled out (withdrawn/cancelled) AFTER the event closing date, but before the event start date, and if your entry slot(s) can be replaced from the wait list, you will typically be entitled to a refund which will be paid directly to you. However, fees from paypal, popmoney, etc., that you may have paid for those services, are not eligible for a refund.

3) Check directly with the event host if extenuating circumstances exist.

Remember to check with the Trial Event Host to understand their specific Cancellation Policy

Running Order, Wait List, Scores (when available)

2023 Table Top at Home

Event Location:   15600 E Cherry Creek Rd Larkspur, CO

Lise Andersen,   tabletopsdt@gmail.com   719-351-5343  
Host Addr:   15380 E Cherry Creek Rd      Larkspur, CO    80118
Your event Host's web site is unavailable

  Event Dates, Times, etc.  
First Day of Event :  May-25-2023

Last Day of Event :  May-31-2023

This Event is Not Open for Online Entry

changes at this time.

Entry Opens :  Mar-07-2023

Entry Closes :  Apr-20-2023

click to [Hide / Show] Course Legs for Each Class

ClassCourse Legs for Each Class
Open1Outrun(20)[1],Lift(10)[1],Fetch(20)[1],Drive(30)[0], Shed(10)[0],Pen(10)[0]
Open3Outrun(20)[1],Lift(10)[1],Fetch(20)[1],Drive(30)[0], Shed(10)[0],Pen(10)[0]

Classes, Dates/times, Fees, etc., are subject to change via the Event Host
Class Day / Start Time Fee Field & When Judge
Open1 May-25(Thu) 06:00 AM $ 85.00 MainField - 1st Russell_McCord
Open2 May-26(Fri) 06:00 AM $ 85.00 MainField - 1st Russell_McCord
Nursery1 May-27(Sat) 06:00 AM $ 45.00 MainField - 1st Beverly_Lambert
Ranch1 May-27(Sat) after prior class $ 60.00 MainField - 2nd Chris_Elliott
Nursery2 May-27(Sat) after prior class $ 45.00 MainField - 3rd Linda_Tesdahl
Ranch2 May-27(Sat) after prior class $ 60.00 MainField - 4th Bob_Allen
Open3 May-28(Sun) 06:00 AM $ 85.00 MainField - 1st Russell_McCord
Open4 May-29(Mon) 06:00 AM $ 105.00 MainField - 1st Russell_McCord
Nursery3 May-31(Wed) after prior class $ 45.00 MainField - 2nd Terri_Nicolau
Nursery4 May-31(Wed) after prior class $ 45.00 MainField - 3rd Terri_Nicolau
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Important Notes:
o By the use of this facility I agree to the Waivers and Releases.

Online Entry Rules

o All entries on March 7, 8,9 are treated as if they were entered on the first day, March 7th.
    So you don't need to hurry to enter on the first day. And, a draw for who gets in will happen after the closing date,
    (if we are over full).
o You may enter multiple classes with 2 dogs per class on one Entry Form EXCEPT . . .

(1) You may enter
ONLY TWO of the four classes on Saturday, the Nursery/Open Ranch day.
(2) 3rd dogs must be entered on a separate Entry Form

    (3rd dogs allowed in as room permits. This simplifies accounting, thanks).

Other Details . . .

- 6am start times will allow many dogs to run per day - there will be plenty of sheep.
- Open will run 60+ dogs per day.
- Handlers making the draw will be in for all days if they choose to be.
- Double Lift class is two days to run more dogs.
- Classes subject to rearrangement depending on entries.

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- You may be notified by email about this event for other reasons also . . .
- When payment is received.
- When you are approved / wait listed.
- When trial info changes, etc.

o Click `WHAT HAVE I ENTERED`(Blue Menu Bar) anytime to check the status of your entry.

Payment Information: (7)
Receipt of Payment is required within 7 days of electronic entry.

o Check Payments - mail your signed Waiver/Release with your check
    - Check payable to Name: Table Top SDT
    - Pay Address: Table Top SDT Lise Andersen 15380 E Cherry Creek Rd Larkspur, CO, 80118, USA

o Refund date is - April 20 when checks will be cashed.

Attractions: This annual sheepdog trial is located in an area full of attractions and things to do while your are not Trialing. From Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, the Air Force Academy, fly fishing, to just relaxing in the Mountain air.


The event location is 15600 E Cherry Creek Rd, Larkspur, CO 80118

Course description : Field: Outruns 350-500 yds. with possible cross winds.

The sheep are yearling range rambolliet ewes unbroken by dogs that only run once a day. First day we start on 5 sheep. Sheep replacement is $400.

The 'Ranch' Classes are also known as 'Open Ranch' Classes.

Hotels...must book early because the air force academy graduation is the same week and hotels fill quickly. Closest hotels are in monument Colorado or north end of Colorado springs.


Parking is limited - Please indicate on your entry form if you are bringing a camper.

Hook-Ups are limited - There is a limited hook up area across the street.
If interested, please contact David Cherry at 719-330-1958

o USBCHA Sanctioned
o MPBCA sanctioned
We reserve the right to prohibit any individual from attending this event

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2023 Table Top at Home Waiver and Release
I understand that I am responsible for any costs and/or damages caused by me, my family, my possessions, or my dogs, to facilities, animals or persons; and I also agree that in the event of personal injury or damage to my property, person, or animals, I will hold harmless www.DogTrialEntry.com, The Table Top Event, it`s owners, trial organizers, Rocky Mountain Equine Clinic, Liseanns Land and/or workers.

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We reserve the right to prohibit any individual from attending this event. Firearms are prohibited.
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Pikes Peak Colorado

from Table Top SDT

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