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General Cancellation/Refund Policy

Always check with the Trial Event Host to understand their specific Cancellation Policy

Typically there will be NO REFUNDS after the events' "Closing Date". You will find the Closing date on the 'Event Information' Page after selecting the specific event.

o Refunds for an event may be applicable under the following circumstances.

1) When an entry is pulled out (withdrawn/cancelled) before the event closing date. If payment was via check, typically the check will destroyed. If paying by paypal, popmoney, etc. typically your entry fee will be refunded, but not fees from paypal, popmoney, etc., that you may have paid to them.

2) When an entry is pulled out (withdrawn/cancelled) AFTER the event closing date, but before the event start date, and if your entry slot(s) can be replaced from the wait list, you will typically be entitled to a refund which will be paid directly to you. However, fees from paypal, popmoney, etc., that you may have paid for those services, are not eligible for a refund.

3) Check directly with the event host if extenuating circumstances exist.

Remember to check with the Trial Event Host to understand their specific Cancellation Policy

Running Order, Wait List, Scores (when available)

2023 Meeker Classic

Event Location:   Meeker, CO

Maym Cunningham,   trials@meekersheepdog.com   970-878-0111  /  970-462-6495
Host Addr:   PO Box 1394      Meeker, CO    81641
Your event Host's web site is "www.meekersheepdog.com" (Opens in new Window)

  Event Dates, Times, etc.  
First Day of Event :  Sep-06-2023

Last Day of Event :  Sep-10-2023

This Event is Not Open for Online Entry

changes at this time.

Entry Opens :  Mar-01-2023

Entry Closes :  Mar-31-2023

click to [Hide / Show] Course Legs for Each Class

ClassCourse Legs for Each Class
OpenOutrun(20)[1],Lift(10)[1],Fetch(20)[1],Drive(30)[0], Shed(10)[0],Pen(10)[0]

Classes, Dates/times, Fees, etc., are subject to change via the Event Host
Class Day / Start Time Fee Field & When Judge
Open Sep-06(Wed) 06:45 AM $ 225.00 Main OPEN field - 1st Dianne_Deal
SemiFinals Sep-09(Sat) 06:45 AM $ 0.00 Main OPEN field - 1st Dianne_Deal
Finals Sep-10(Sun) 06:45 AM $ 0.00 Main OPEN field - 1st Dianne_Deal
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Official Rules:
Handlers entered in the 2023 Meeker Classic will be held accountable for knowledge of the Meeker `2023 Entry Rules & Guidelines in Addition to USBCHA Guidelines'. Failure to read such is not defensible for failure to comply.
"2023 Entry Rules & Guidelines - Click Here to review them all"

o Please be aware that Meeker REQUIRES Birth Date and Gender for all Dogs Entered, that "household entries" are accepted, and that all of the other specific Rules and Guidelines need to followed.

o Additional Important Handler Event Information
"Meeker For Handlers Page - Click Here"

o Entering? No worries, all handlers that enter here Online on March 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will be `prioritized first` for the initial 135 dog draw. (2 dog limit.)

Additionally, we want registration to be easy; Please call or email Maym with questions or for assistance. trials@meekersheepdog.com 970-878-0111 / 970-462-6495

Payment Information: (4)
Receipt of Payment is required within 7 days of electronic entry.

o Check Payments - mail your signed Waiver/Release with your check
    - Check payable to Name: Meeker Classic
    - Pay Address: Meeker Classic PO Box 1394 Meeker, CO, 81641, USA

o ePayments - Bring your signed Waiver/Release to an official upon arriving at the event site
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You will not be able to go back and pay later through PayPal.

o All entry checks received with valid entries will be cashed upon receipt. At any time on or before August 1st handlers may request full refund of their entry fees, effectively scratching their dog or removing themselves from the standby list.

o Having Electronic Payment Service Issues? (PayPal PopMoney etc.) - DO NOT WAIT – Contact the Event Host Right-A-Way for other payment options to ensure You retain your electronic entry spot. MEEKER CLASSIC – – 970-878-0111 or 970-462-6495 (cell/text)

This annual sheepdog trial, located in beautiful central Colorado, is a fabulous event for all participants and spectators alike.


The Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials is a five day Day Event with a minimum of a $22,5000 purse for 20 places plus added day money

135 Dogs will run in the qualifying round

o Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the preliminary Open Class days (13 minutes per run) for 135 dogs
- 45 Dogs 01 to 45 Wednesday
- 45 Dogs 46 to 90 Thursday
- 45 Dogs 91 to 135 Friday
o Saturday, the top 30 Open Class dogs will compete in the Semi-final round (see Rules for selection method)
o Sunday, the top 12 semi-finalist dogs will battle for perfection in the Meeker Classic Finals

Coming from the south on Hwy 13 it's on the left (north) side of the road. A good way to describe it is that the trial site borders the Meeker city limits on the west. Handler entry gate is marked at the West Gate by the log buildings.

From the North take hwy 13 South to Meeker CO. Continue through town, the trial field is approximately 1 mile south of the town center.

There is plenty of parking at the field. Handler parking is on the hill to the south side of the field.

o USBCHA Sanctioned Open

Site Waiver / Release and 2023 Meeker Classic Waiver / Release
Site Waiver and Release
Thank you for using www.DogTrialEntry.com. By the use of this facility, you agree to the waivers and releases and you also agree to hold harmless www.dogTrialEntry.com, Participant Events, MBA Technology, Inc. and their owners, employees, associates, and business partners from any damages from the use of this site. Please report any errors or omissions on this site to the Event Contact for this Event.

2023 Meeker Classic Waiver and Release
I understand that I am responsible for any costs and/or damages caused by me, my family, my possessions, or my dogs, to facilities, animals or persons; and I also agree that in the event of personal injury or damage to my property, person, or animals, I will hold harmless www.DogTrialEntry.com, Meeker Classic, it`s owners, trial organizers and/or workers. I understand that Handlers entered in the 2023 Meeker Classic will be held accountable for knowledge of 2023 Entry Guidelines and Trial Information in Addition to USBCHA Guidelines. Failure to read such is not defensible for failure to comply. I understand that I must check in and sign a waiver and release at the Meeker Classic before competing. Releases MUST have a hand-written signature before Handlers can run their dogs. NO EXCUSE IS ACCEPTABLE FOR NOT SIGNING A WAIVER. HANDLERS NOT SIGNING A WAIVER PRIOR TO RUNNING WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE COMPETITION.

Printed Name: ________________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________________

We reserve the right to prohibit any individual from attending this event. Firearms are prohibited.
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(You can individually print the waiver/release page #)

The Meeker Cowboys

Keeping Order on Top

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