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1) When an entry is pulled out (withdrawn/cancelled) before the event closing date. If payment was via check, typically the check will destroyed. If paying by paypal, popmoney, etc. typically your entry fee will be refunded, but not fees from paypal, popmoney, etc., that you may have paid to them.

2) When an entry is pulled out (withdrawn/cancelled) AFTER the event closing date, but before the event start date, and if your entry slot(s) can be replaced from the wait list, you will typically be entitled to a refund which will be paid directly to you. However, fees from paypal, popmoney, etc., that you may have paid for those services, are not eligible for a refund.

3) Check directly with the event host if extenuating circumstances exist.

Remember to check with the Trial Event Host to understand their specific Cancellation Policy

Running Order, Wait List, Scores (when available)

2019 Zimmerman Farm Novice Trial

Event Location:   Homer, GA

Barry Zimmerman ,   badbz52@windstream.net   954-270-8300  /  --
Host Addr:   377 E. Coker Road      Homer, GA    30547
Alternate Contact:  Dawn Boyce,   678-491-2766 colliegirl@juno.com
Your event Host's web site is unavailable

  Event Dates, Times, etc.  
First Day of Event :  Mar-02-2019

Last Day of Event :  Mar-02-2019

This Event is Not Open for Online Entry

changes at this time.

Entry Opens :  Feb-01-2019

Entry Closes :  Feb-26-2019

click to [Hide / Show] Course Legs for Each Class

ClassCourse Legs for Each Class

Classes, Dates/times, Fees, etc., are subject to change via the Event Host
Class Day / Start Time Fee Field & When Judge
Nursery1 Mar-02(Sat) 09:00 AM $ 35.00 MainField - 1st Tony_Phillips
Ranch1 Mar-02(Sat) after prior class $ 35.00 MainField - 2nd Tony_Phillips
ProNovice1 Mar-02(Sat) after prior class $ 30.00 MainField - 3rd Tony_Phillips
Novice1 Mar-02(Sat) after prior class $ 30.00 MainField - 4th Tony_Phillips
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Important Notes:
o By the use of this facility I agree to the Waivers and Releases.

o USBCHA Rules Require that Nursery Runs Wait to Enter until Feb 21, 2019. However, you may "Pre-List" the intent for your nursery run(s) on your entry. We apologize for any inconvenience.

o USBCHA Sanctioned classes include a USBCHA fee of $3.50 per run.

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- To check the status of your entry AND all of your past trialing history, anytime you'd like to!

o Enter any 2 dogs in any class on any day. 3rd dogs will be allowed in a class if room permits;

- However, a 3rd dog in a class must be entered on a separate entry and paid for separately to simplify money handling and accounting, thanks. 3rd dog entry fee will be refunded if dog does not get in.

o Additional classes maybe added the day of trial, time permitting.
o Always pick up after your dogs, respecting one-another and our neighbors.

Prizes will be awarded. Field assignments may change. Class sizes are limited.

Payment Information: (5)
Receipt of Payment is required within 7 days of electronic entry.

o Check Payments - mail your signed Waiver/Release with your check
    - Check payable to Name: Barry Zimmerman
    - Pay Address: Barry Zimmerman 377 E. Coker Road Homer, GA, 30547, USA

o ePayments - Bring your signed Waiver/Release to an official upon arriving at the event site
   - Include (1) Your Name, (2) the Event#, and (3) last 5 digits of your Entry Confirmation Nbr
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- Using `Pop Money` make Payment to the Email Address of badbz52@WindStream.net
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Young dogs and handlers gathering for sport, fellowship, and lunch (provided).

This is a single day trial designed to allow non-Open dogs test their skills.

GPS mapping finds the fields at the address above.

Parking is free.
No Campers

o USBCHA Sanctioned Nursery
o GSDA Points All classes

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2019 Zimmerman Farm Novice Trial Waiver and Release
I understand that I am responsible for any costs and/or damages caused by me, my family, my possessions, or my dogs, to facilities, animals or persons and that in the event of personal injury or damage to my property, person, or animals, I will hold harmless www.DogTrialEntry.com, the owners, the trial organizers, and/or workers.

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