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General Cancellation/Refund Policy

Always check with the Trial Event Host to understand their specific Cancelation Policy

Typically there will be NO REFUNDS after the events' "Closing Date". You will find the Closing date on the 'Event Information' Page after selecting the specific event.

o Refunds for an event may be applicable under the following circumstances.

1) When an entry is pulled out (withdrawn/cancelled) before the event closing date. If payment was via check, typically the check will destroyed. If paying by paypal, popmoney, etc. typically your entry fee will be refunded, but not fees from paypal, popmoney, etc., that you may have paid to them.

2) When an entry is pulled out (withdrawn/cancelled) AFTER the event closing date, but before the event start date, and if your entry slot(s) can be replaced from the wait list, you will typically be entitled to a refund which will be paid directly to you. However, fees from paypal, popmoney, etc., that you may have paid for those services, are not eligible for a refund.

Remember to check with the Trial Event Host to understand their specific Cancelation Policy

Running Order, Wait List, Scores (when available)

2021 GSDA Spring Trial

Event Location:   540 Carson Farm Road Carnesville, GA

Dawn Boyce,   CollieGirl@juno.com   706-335-6323  
Host Addr:   (GSDA) 540 Carson Farm Road      Carnesville, GA    30521
Alternate Contact:  GSDA Secretary,   -- georgiastockdog@gmail.com
  Event Dates, Times, etc.  
First Day of Event :  Apr-09-2021

Last Day of Event :  Apr-11-2021

This Event is Not Open for Online Entry

changes at this time.

Entry Opens :  Mar-15-2021

Entry Closes :  Mar-28-2021

Your event Host's web site is "www.DogTrialEntry.com" (Opens in new Window)

Classes, Dates/times, Fees, etc., are subject to change via the Event Host
Class Day / Start Time Fee Field & When Judge
Novice1 Apr-09(Fri) 08:00 AM $ 30.00 Top Front Field - 1st _zzTBA1
ProNovice1 Apr-09(Fri) after prior class $ 30.00 Top Front Field - 2nd _zzTBA1
Ranch1 Apr-09(Fri) after prior class $ 35.00 Top Front Field - 3rd _zzTBA1
Nursery1 Apr-09(Fri) after prior class $ 35.00 Top Front Field - 4th _zzTBA3
Open1 Apr-10(Sat) 08:00 AM $ 45.00 Top Front Field - 1st _zzTBA2
Nursery2 Apr-10(Sat) after prior class $ 35.00 Top Front Field - 2nd _zzTBA3
Open2 Apr-11(Sun) 08:00 AM $ 45.00 Top Front Field - 1st _zzTBA1
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Important Notes:
By the use of this facility I agree to the Waivers and Releases.

* Signiture Required *
* Your signed WAIVER / RELEASE completes your entry and is required for participation in this event.
o The GSDA thanks you for your understanding.

* Your Bio`s - Say a few words about yourself & dog(s) via MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT, MANAGE YOUR DOGS.

Entering here ONLINE on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Day is like entering the very first minute!

- No staying up until midnight to be the first one to enter online.
- No issues with running to the post office to ensure your entry is post marked on the first day that entries open.
- No Worries to rush to your computer, (or the post office). You have 3 days to enter here ONLINE and your entry is considered to be entered on the very 1st minute that entries opened.

o 2 Dogs per Handler per class Please.

o 3rd Dogs in a class (room permitting) must be on separate Entry Form and separate payment.
(Enter your 1st & 2nd dogs, CLICK PROCESS ENTRIES, then come back and enter your 3rd dogs, thanks.)

Non-Compete runs
o Will be accepted if room permits.
o Will be run at the end of the day. (Not at end of class.)
o MUST BE entered on a separate entry form from 'Compete' runs AND paid separately also.

o Running Order and Wait List will be available after the Trial Close Date.

o Field assignments may change.

o Click WHAT HAVE I ENTERED (Blue Menu Bar) anytime to check the status of your entry,

(and your past trialing history!).

o Click MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT (Blue Menu Bar) anytime to update your profile,(eMail,etc.).

Please ensure your email is correct so you get your receipt and Trial info updates from Event Hosts which may include
- When you enter an event (entry receipt).
- When payment is received by event host (payment receipt).
- When approved into the trial.
- When placed on the wait list.
- When moved from wait list to approved.
- When the Running Order is available.
- When the Scores are available.
- When important event updates become available.

Payment Information:
Receipt of Payment is required within 7 days of electronic entry or by Trial/Event Close Date, whichever is sooner.
- Pay Electronically at `Zelle` make Payment to the Email Address of gsdaEpayment@gmail.com
- Include (1) Your Name, (2) the Event#, and (3) last 5 digits of your Entry Confirmation Nbr
    in the 'Zelle Memo' area of your ePayment to ensure it gets posted correctly for your Online Entry.

  With an ePayment, that`s it, nothing to print, nothing to send, nothing to Stamp and mail, you are done!
   Remember with ePayments to present your signed Waiver/Release to an official upon arriving at the event.

- Check Payments - Check payable to Name: GSDA
- Pay Address: GSDA , 540 Carson Farm Road, Carnesville, GA, 30521, USA
   Check Payments: Enclose your signed Waiver/Release from (1) this page, or (2) the printed web page receipt, or
    (3) the printed email receipt, or (4) the printed `WHAT HAVE I ENTERED` page (blue menu bar) with your and check.

o 3 Days of Dog Trialing, all classes. Come run your dogs or just come and watch these supurb dogs enjoing what they do so well at this picturesque location.

Hotels and Eateries - I85 x149
- are available in Commerce, GA

Fuel and Food - I85 x160
- are available there, Petro Restaurant, Flying-J pizza, Subway, Smitties Family Restaurant, etc.

Please be respectful to everyone and remember to say a kind word to our gracious trial host for allowing us to enjoy our dogs at their facilities.

GPS mapping finds the fields at the Event Location address above.

o Free Camper Parking , hook ups are not available.
o Free Auto parking - Lazy~J Farm side of Carson Farm Rd ONLY

o USBCHA Sanctioned Open & Nursery
o GSDA Points All applicable classes

Site Waiver / Release and 2021 GSDA Spring Trial Waiver / Release
Site Waiver and Release
Thank you for using www.dogTrailEntry.com. By the use of this facility, you agree to the waivers and releases and you also agree to hold harmless www.dogTrialEntry.com, Participant Events, MBA Technology, Inc. and their owners, employees, associates, and business partners from any damages from the use of this site. Please report any errors or omissions on this site to the Event Contact for this Event.

2021 GSDA Spring Trial Waiver and Release
I understand that I am responsible for any costs and/or damages caused by me, my family, my possessions, or my dogs, to facilities, animals or persons and that in the event of personal injury, sickness, or damage to my person, property, or animals, I will hold harmless the GSDA, the event location ownership and management, www.DogTrialEntry.com, Sanctioning parties, owners, trial organizers, workers and/or volunteers.

Signed: ________________________________________________

Date : ________________________________________________

We reserve the right to prohibit any individual from attending this event. Firearms are prohibited.
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(You can individually print the waiver/release page #)

We miss you... Mr. Worf

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